Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Houseboat Living

When I woke up I looked at the clock and Yikes it was noon! I NEVER sleep in this late, so it was a shock to me. I am taking the Ky. State Insurance exam on Friday morning and I need every minute I can get to study for it. I've been told that only about 30% pass. No pressure!

I am taking Brave Girls Art School and wanted to work on lesson one today. I guess I will sneak it in when I take breaks from studying.

So, while I go read this HUGE insurance manual you can read the next little piece that I wrote for Mary Jane's Farm. Have a great day!

We plan on living on a houseboat full-time eventually.
This is the small one that we have now.
We have this for sale and we hope to 
get the bigger one in two years.

Hey, howdy, and ahoy friends!

So, I know that you’re thinking “what is she going to be able to do on a houseboat?  ”Well as we all know, “Farm girl is a condition of the heart”, and not your location.  I am all about “Farm girl” both on my fifty acre sheep farm and on my 1971 River Queen Houseboat.  I will be sharing my adventures on my boat whether it’s art, decorating, crafting, cooking, or fishing. Since I do raise animals I will have to pop in on them and see what they’re doing every now and again, but will focus on the water life this houseboat season. (All of the animals except one ewe is gone now)

The first thing that you learn when you buy a houseboat is that there is always another one that is bigger than the one you already have that catches your eye. Of course that has already happened to me. I will be considering that new purchase as we go through the 2014 houseboat season.  In the meantime, here is a   picture of the River Queen. It is moored at a marina that is on Rough River Lake, a Corp of Engineers lake in McDaniels, Kentucky. There is fantastic fishing on this lake, great boat neighbors at the dock and always plenty of swimming, water skiing, and sun.

You’re free to come aboard!

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  1. Hmmmmm.....really? I may just need to put Nana in the car in the morning and head south! :)