Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here we go!

I have registered for the Life Class 2012 and am super excited to start that!  I am participating in a "journal swap" with 22 other artists.  It is a year long project as well.  I have opened the online art supply store www.HippieChickArt.com and am always doing something to add to, improve, change, stock, ship, web work, emails, etc..  That has had a sharp learning curve for sure!  I started the new p/t  job @ Kohls last night. It paid off already though! I got a $140.00 mini duvet set for $21.00. Yay!  I will probably spend all of the checks from there right in the store!  

This is all combined with my regular art, Christmas presents, journaling, and my farm! Whew!
Time for a nap....if I had time for a nap!

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